Home Remedies: Hair Growth Castor Oil

I recently saw an ad that talked about hair growth castor oil. People talking it work well for better hair growth and male pattern baldness treatment. Because of the fact that I am really into beauty and beauty treatments, I was quite surprised that I had never heard about this interesting technique before.

I went straight to the Internet and did some research so that I could find out what's using castor oil for hair does, and what the best way to go about applying it is.

I found out that some of the benefits of using castor plant oil include moisturizing your scalp, preventing split in, increasing the tensile strength of your strands of hair, protecting your hair against damage, conditioning your hair, and making your entire head of hair appear shinier and prettier overall.

Once I read about hair growth castor oil at Hairgrowthmagazine.com, I knew I was on board to try it out. All I needed to do was find a good tutorial which showed me what to do.

I found a video on YouTube.com that laid out the steps. First, you pour the cold-pressed castor oil in a container and put on old clothing that you don't care about getting stains on. Then you section out your hair, dip a brush in the oil, and apply it.

I have only done one treatment so far, but I already know I like the results.

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